16 June 2011

1st Pintsch Gas Tank Wagon Cabin Cast

Here is the master used for the cabin of the Q26 & 30 Pintsch Gas tank wagons minus the roof.

These are the first pictures taken of the cast of the cabin walls:

These 4 walls of the cabin will be one part of a four part kit of the Q 26 and 30. It will accompany the roof, tank and underframe to complete the kit.

Cheers Rach
VR Casts

p.s. sorry for the poor quality photo's

08 June 2011

New Customer Loyalty Cards

Check out our New Customer Loyalty Cards

These cards can only be used at exhibitions or club visits and obtained during these times. For every product purchased at an expo or club visit that is $10 and over you will recieve a stamp in a box. Once your card is full you will be able to recieve one product up to the the value of $15 and you will be issued with another card. Only one card can be handed in per person per exhibition or visit. The card maybe used at any or all the exhibition we attend. This card can also be stamped if you make an order at an expo or visit. Full terms and condition can be found on the back of the card, on our website or in person at an expo or visit.


We have a few shots of the first cast of the Q's Cabin (Pintsch Gas Wagon) which will up later tonight.


Over the next few months you should start to notice that our procducts will be given a Skill Level. These Skill Levels will be indicated by one of the following icons.

These icons represent the five different skill levels needed to complete our products. Skill Level 1 products will only need basic modelling skills - a great start for those who are starting off in the hobby or re-entering the hobby. Whereas Skill Level 5 products will need more advanced skills to complete the product and would to suitable for exprienced modeller. Skill Level 3 in somewhere inbetween. The Skill Levels are not entirely based just on the skills needed but the time it takes, equipment and tools needed and the amount of parts there are. A more comprehensive description of each Skill Level will put on the website in the next few months.

Cheers Dave and Rach

Stay tuned of the photo's of the Q's Cabin..