19 January 2013

VR Casts Update Jan 2013

Last year seen the release the following items: - Victorian Railways Q 26 and 30 Pintsch Gas Tank Wagon
- Victorian Railways IT 1 - 251, 253 - 273 Scantling Timber Wagon
- Victorian Railways HD 150 to 218 Departmental Van
- A mixed goods wagon load for I/ IA and GY wagons
- A six pack of HO scale 44 gallon drums
- A two pack of O scale 44 gallon drums

During the second half of the year we looked into purchasing an 3D Rapid
Prototype Printer. After visiting with stockists, viewing samples, many emails
back and forth, comparing costs and further number crunching it was decided that
it was not feasible for our small scale business at this time.

Since then David and Rachel have been busy drawing up some underframes in a 3D Software program to get some test printing done for some of our upcoming VR 4whl wagon projects.

Some will have noticed that the VR DFdf Horse/Guards Van, VR IX Open Wagon, VR F11 Short 4whl Horse Box and VR C/J 4whl Hearse Van are no longer
available on our online store. These products will be discontinued but an odd
may appear for sale at exhibitions.

The larger 6whl Horse box is still currently un-available as a new silicone mould needs to be made. Those who order this product may incur at least a 2week wait up on top of the usual few days to cast the order.