VC 05 Departmental Van HD 27, 33, 150 - 218, 232 - 236 & 240 - 245

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HD 27
HD 27 - Photo from collection

Orginally HD 27 was built as a I 7513 at the Newport Work shops on the 11th Nov 1905. In approx 1935 the wagon was reclassified to IA 7513. Then some 20 yrs later on 19th Nov 1955 the wagon was modified, reclassified and renumberd to HD 27.

Cast sitting in a Tommy Bent wagon with brass detail parts added

VC 05 b Departmental Van HD 33
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HD 33
HD 33 - Photo courtesy of

This wagon was built from a surplus open wagon of the Tommy Bent type (IA 1156) and covered with metal sides and a roof. A full height door was provided on each side and a hinged hatch on both sides of the roof. This wagon was placed in the HD group in 1956. It was later taken off the register on 12th July 1978 and then later scrapped in the 11th June 1979.
The cast sitting in Tommy Bent wagon

With added brass detail

VC 05 b Departmental Van HD 150 to 218

Victorian Railways
HD 150 to 218

HD 173 - Photo courtesy of

This type has close to 70 wagons built to it from hand-me-down I/IA wagons during the late 50's to early 60's. They covered the surplus stock with raised metal side and a roof and two full height doors each side. A large number of these were used specifically used for construction and were stenciled 'NES' (North East Standardisation). 

Cast sitting in longer I/IA wagon

VC 05 d Sand Wagon HD 232 - 236 & 240 - 245

Victorian Railways
HD 232 - 236 & 240 - 245
This sand wagon group consisted of hand-me-down IC Tippler (I/IA Tommy Bents) rollingstock placed into low mileage traffic. These 11 wagons were built at Bendigo Workshops from 1972 to 1975 and were used to traffic locomotive traction sand. The IC’s already had their doors removed and a sheet of steel welded in. With the conversion to HD Sand wagon they also had hoppers installed and discharge shoots added to the wagons.By the early 80’s these short wheelbase sand wagon were either taken of register, scrapped or modified and renumber for another use. There were other similar wagons that were built to the same design but used the surplus longer wheelbase RY wagons.