VC 09 Flat Wagon I/ IK/ K

VC 09 - Flat Wagon
Now Available

Victorian Railways
IK Type 1
Left built with Shunter Steps, Right built with Buffers

These wagons were believe to be modified 10 ton I wagons with at least 88 in the class. There numbers were various between 112 and 6989. With the sides, doors and ends removed from the wagon they retained their I wagon number and coded IK.

They were initially used to assist with line construction. Then later on, tanks were mounted to the floor for water transport. Soon after these wagons were modified for weed spraying use along with other various uses.

From 1920 it was intended that the wagon were to be rebuilt back into standard I/IB wagons but this didn't seem to eventuate. By 1930 most of the wagons were recoded into the K Flat wagon group whilst others were scrapped.
Kit will be produced as one piece with the body and underframe joined. All that is needed to complete this model is a 10' 6" SEM underframe kit minus the floor and handbrake kit some couplers and decals
will be needed. The kit will cost $10 ea or 4 for $35 plus postage.

Picture above shows the wagon used as a flat wagon and
Below modified version with fitted tanks.