Everything you need to know about VR Casts..

About Us..
For those who haven't heard of us yet we, VR Casts, specialise in the manufacturing Victorian Railways HO scale kits and accessories from the late 1880's right through to the 1960's. We aim to bring you 'the best of the rest', wagons that are yet to be produced by other model railway manufactures and that would otherwise need to be scratch built or kit bashed.
How it all started..
Originally I started off scratch building early VR wagons that weren't available in the commercial market, for my own use and to show fellow modellers at my local club. I sold a few on ebay as RTR and to my surprise they proved to be popular! And was even were ask to make other wagons. I took up the challenge to test myself more than anything. So one thing lead to another and VR Casts was created in May 2010.
Since then we have released the following items: -
- Victorian Railways C 4 to 9/ J1 to 6 built 1902/03
- Victorian Railways DFDF 1 built 1905
- Victorian Railways F 11* built 1893
- Victorian Railways FF 53 to 64/ F 25 to 36* built 1905
- Victorian Railways HD 27* built 1955
Victorian Railways HD 33 *built 1956
- Victorian Railways HD 150 to 218* built late 50's to early 60's
- Victorian Railways HD (Sand) 232 to 236, 240 to 245* built from 1972 to 75
- Victorian Railways HZ 1/ WZ 1* (Weedex Guard Van) built 1954
Victorian Railways I/IB (wooden) built from 1888 to 1903
Victorian Railways I/IG/IX (falling doors) built 1904
- Victorian Railways IT 1 to 251, 253 to 273* built from 1963
- Victorian Railways IK Type 1 built from late
- Victorian Railways OT 77* (BP - low dome) built 1927
- Victorian Railways OT 78 to 80* (BP - high dome) built 1927
- Victorian Railways Q 26 and 30* built 1903
Plus GY Wagon Load, 44 Gallon Drums in HO, OO and O scale, Tanks ends

By July 2013 we should have released the following additional items:
  • Victorian Railways WX/WA 1 to 9 built between 1955 to 1959
  • Victorian Railways DW
  • VR Poison Tank
*Indicates the products that are currently supplied with decals.
All VR Casts products are casts from orginals made and owned by David Himself. All the above wagons are made from or will be made from polyurethane resin casts.
We are a part time business, the products currently available direct from us or from The Buffer Stop in Preston or PCB Electronic in Bendigo.See the online store for more details.
Our Refund Policy..

Important information for buyers: legal rights to obtain refunds
You should be aware of your legal rights to obtain a refund.  When consumer goods are purchased (other than by auction) from sellers carrying on a business, the buyer has a legal right to return the goods to the seller and obtain a refund if the goods are either faulty, not fit for their purpose (don't do what they are supposed to do), or do not match the seller's description or sample.  To obtain a refund the buyer should return the goods within a reasonable time and not dispose of, lose, destroy or damage the goods. 

Please read the below section carefully before placing your order. If you do not agree with the policy please do not sumbit your order until you have disscussed as issues with us first. 

VR Casts accept returns, in the follow circumstances:
  • If the item doesnt match the description or sample
  • If you have changed your mind and the item is still in unopned origanal packaging
The item/s need to be returned within 14 days after it has been delivered to you. The item then can be exchanged for another one or a different item/s up to the same value, if it does not match the description or sample. If you have changed your mind you are able to exchange the item for a different item/s up to the value of the orignal item or opt to recieve a gift card to the value of the item.
VR Casts will pay for the return postage and packing of the item only if the item doesn't match the description or sample. Please post a copy of the receipt for the postage and packing with the item. If you have changed your mind it's up to you to return the item. We will then pay for the new items posted.
We do not charge a re-stocking fee.