VC 06 Open Wagons I/ IB & I/ IG/ IX

VC 06 a Open Wagon I/IB
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Victorian Railways
I/IB 3854 to 3856, 3860 and 3861

Initially I open wagons were built to various designs and constructed to take different tonnages from 7 to 20 ton. This I wooden wagon type was built from 1888 to 1903 in various locations with a capacity of 8 to 10 ton. There were 42 8 ton wagons and 2897 10 ton wagons totalling 2939 wagons of this wooden design. These wagons were also used for holiday traffic that could be fitted with a removable canopy. From 1927 to 1934 these wagons were reclassified from I to IB. IB 5452 is on display at the ARHS Museum at Williamstown.

I/IB cast on a 10' 6" U/frame with brass detail parts


VC 06 b Open Wagon I/IG/IX

Victorian Railways
I/IG/IX 6499, 7097 to 7196

These wagons were built in 1904 with 'falling doors' to provide transport with wider doors and better access, mainly to transport agricultural machinery in the early 1900's. Between March and July 1904, I 6499 and 7097 to 7196 were coded to IG 6499 and 7097 to 7196. With the introduction of bulk grain traffic in 1935, the letter 'G' was used to indicate this is they were recoded to IX 6499 and 7097 to 7196 between 1935 and 1937. These wagons were all scrapped from 1944 to 1954.