13 June 2013

EOI VR Oscle Oil Tank 77, 78, 79, 80

Are you an O scale modeller or know someone who is? If the answers is Yes well we have some news that may interest you! We are now taking EOI for VR O Scale OIL Tanks numbers 77 (low single dome) and 78, 79, 80 (high single dome) in COR or BP. This model will be in kit form with the tank, dome, sign board (BP version), walkways and feet will all be cast in resin (like our HO one). The underframe and handbrake will be a Veteran Models kits which we will include. Brass ladders will be sourced from Model Etch. The art work for the decals are currently been drawn up thanks to the guys at Bills Billboards. The dome will be cast hollow to keep the cost down for everyone and to give the modeller the option to add weight if they want/need. Price at this stage is still unknown as we are awaiting bits and pieces. A EOI form will be available shortly with samples (hopefully 2 one each of COR and BP) on show at the Stawell Model Railways Expo in a months time. Pictures will to published here, on our blog and website once the models are complete. Feel free to spread the word and share this post/news amongst your modelling mates, club and others interested.