VC 04 Pintsch Gas Tank Wagon Q 26 and 30

Victorian Railways Q 26 and 30
Pintsch Gas Traffic
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Complete first cast of the Pintsch Gas Tank Wagon Q 26 and Q30 - 17 Feb 2012

In 1878 two Q bogie flat wagons numbers 26 and 30 were built by Tozer in Melbourne. By 1903 Q30 was modified at the Newport Workshops where it gained a Pintsch Gas tank with engine as too did Q26 in 1910. What looks like a tank dome is actually the water tank for the gas engine and there are a couple of pipes connecting it to the engine house. The underframe is skeletal and has tank car type spark guards over the bogie at the tank end and a tank car type handbrake. These two wagons had the cab installed over the engines and the fronts of the tanks to protect them from the weather.
In the early 1970's both wagons came off register and  currently been preserved in non-operational condition by the ARHS at Newport. In 1982 they had their numbers swapped. So Q26 became Q30 (2nd) and Q30 became Q26 (2nd). The Pintsch Gas was used for the lighting of pass cars and country stations. 
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