VC 02 Horse Boxes F11 & F 25 to 36

VC 02 a - Horse Box F11
Victorian Railways

Vans that were coded F were used for horse transport and were built as required from 1858 to 1914. This unique wagon, F 11, was built new on the 27th April 1893 at the Newport Workshops and was the only one built to this design. With four fixed wheels an 3 stalls it was like othe small horses boxes but with the addition of 8 vents/ windows on the roof like some of the larger 6 wheeled horse boxes. The length on this wagon was also different having being one foot shorter then small 3 stall verisons.
In August of 1911 the F11 was rebuilt into a larger 6 wheeled six stalled horse box and renumbered F24. This wagon then came off register on the 29th August 1940.


VC 02 b Horse Box
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Victorian Railways
FF 53 to 64/ F 25 to 36

FF 53 to 64 were built as new at the Newport Shops in 1905.
These wagons were then reclassied and renumbered to F 25 to 36 in 1910. From 1951 to 1959 only two of these wagon were scrapped and rest were modiefied, reclassied and renumbered into
HZ 1, WM 1, OH 6, HD 61, HD 144  to 148 and HD 231.