01 February 2015


Is your interest VR 1:48? If yes then you maybe interested to know which projects VR Casts are next to be released.. These include the DW (ex RY version) for $165 ea and a RY conversion kit $35 ea to convert a Veteran GY kit to an RY. Time frame within one month. Followed by a H van and IB open wagon time frame Stawell Expo. TT/HH still a work in progress.

Received our first test print of the IB body and underframe today looks good to us. Bit of a clean up, undercoat and addition of rivet decals. The master should be ready to make a mold of. Whitemetal and brass parts we already have, just awaiting wheels, sprung buffer bits and decals and these will be right to go once instructions are finalised. We still have a number of OT's available in BP numbers 78,79.80 for any one interested please email us at vrcasts@gmail.com

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21 February 2014

O scale project packaging artwork

We have been working on some O scale (1:48) kits of late. Below you will find some artwork of what the side of the packaging will look like for the items that are current projects and upcoming. 

Please note these are still a work in progress and are subject to chance without notice.

27 August 2013

Post Caulfield - 27 Aug 13

The WX/WA 1-9 (VZVA 1-5,7,9) 'Weedex Spray Tank' is now available via our online store, phone and postal orders or ordering with our retailers. These kits retail for $40ea or $46 with disc wheel bogies. The kit includes Decals, the Tank, Under frame, Feet, brass Ladder and brass wire (.5 and 1mm). You will need to supply some styrene strips for tank strapping and walkways, Kadees, Ratchet style handbrake lever and shunters steps and paint to help complete this model.

We may have picked up another retailer east side of Melbourne, hopefully we will have more info soon.

Over the Caulfield Expo weekend just gone, we received a great response to our first O scale kit which was on display (OT 77, 78, 78 and 80). We are about 2 months away on the release of this wagon with just Buffers and Three link bits to finalise. We are currently writing up an finalised order form for those who have expressed their interest in this wagon. This form will help us tailor the kits to your preferred era of modelling and operating components.  Giving you the choice of COR or BP version  Number, disc or spoke wheels, wooden or mesh shunter steps, kadees or three link, buffered or not etc. The kit will be $160 to $180 depending on what components you pick.  Thanks to Matthew, Richard (Veteran), Bill and Sean (Bills Billboards) and Peter (O-Aust kits) for their continued help with this project since Easter. 

Those of you who were in attendance at the expo that dropped past for a chat/look it was nice to put faces to some names and emails. These lucky people might have seen the projects that we are working on next these being DW 225 - 234 in HO and TT 2-31/ BB 2-21/ HH 7-12 in HO and O. We will start to post the progress of these projects over the coming days/ weeks. 

09 August 2013

Progress on HO WA 1-9 'Weedex Tank' and O OT 'Oil Tank' 77 to 80

Has been a busy past four weeks. A lot of progress on our two current projects has been made, which are the HO WA 1-9 'Weedex Tank' and O OT 'Oil Tank' 77 to 80.

WA 1 - 9 'Weedex Tank'
ETA: Caulfield Expo 2013 (Yes we will be there)

Tank: (Cast)
  • Master - Done
  • Detail - In Progress
  • Tank and Cradle Masters
  • Mould and first cast - Not yet done
Cradle: (Cast attached to tank)
  • Drawings - Done
  • Master Printed - Done
  • Mould and first cast - To be done with tank
Feet: (Printed feet will be supplied)
  • Drawings - Done
  • Test Print - Done
  • Underframe and Cradle /master and Feet

  • First lot ordered for Caulfield - Done
Values and Tank Level Indicator: (Cast)
  • Drawings - Done
  • Master Printed - Done
  • Mould and first cast - Yet to be done
Underframe: (Cast)
  • Drawings - Done
  • Test print master - Done
  • Few changes to drawing and reprint - Done
  • Decal Artwork
  • Mould and first cast - Not yet done
Walkways: (Cast)
  • Master - Done
  • Mould and first Cast - yet to be done
Ladders: (Etched Brass) has been Ordered

  • Order - Done
  • Sample Artwork received - Done
  • Printed - In the process
Instructions: In the process

1:48 Oil Tank 77, 78, 79 and 80
Taking EOI now. Sample will be on show at Caulfield
First Cast of Tank, Tank ends and Dome

Tank, Tank Ends and Dome: (Cast)
  • Masters - Done
  • Moulds and first cast - Done
Feet, Walkways and Sign Board: (Cast)
  • Drawings - Done
  • Masters Test Printed - Done
  • Mould and First Cast - To do
Feet 3D Drawing
Other detail bits (inc. tank level indicator):
  • Drawings - Done
  • Masters Test Printed - Done
  • Mould and First Cast - To do
Underframe: (Side bars sourced from Veteran Models)
  • Drawings - Done
  • Masters Test Printed - Done
  • Mould and First Cast - To do

  • Ladders (Etched Brass), Couplers (Kadee 805) and Decals: Ordered

    Wheel Sets (Disc and Spoked Avail.): Both Ordered



    13 June 2013

    EOI VR Oscle Oil Tank 77, 78, 79, 80

    Are you an O scale modeller or know someone who is? If the answers is Yes well we have some news that may interest you! We are now taking EOI for VR O Scale OIL Tanks numbers 77 (low single dome) and 78, 79, 80 (high single dome) in COR or BP. This model will be in kit form with the tank, dome, sign board (BP version), walkways and feet will all be cast in resin (like our HO one). The underframe and handbrake will be a Veteran Models kits which we will include. Brass ladders will be sourced from Model Etch. The art work for the decals are currently been drawn up thanks to the guys at Bills Billboards. The dome will be cast hollow to keep the cost down for everyone and to give the modeller the option to add weight if they want/need. Price at this stage is still unknown as we are awaiting bits and pieces. A EOI form will be available shortly with samples (hopefully 2 one each of COR and BP) on show at the Stawell Model Railways Expo in a months time. Pictures will to published here, on our blog and website once the models are complete. Feel free to spread the word and share this post/news amongst your modelling mates, club and others interested.

    05 April 2013

    April 2013

    April is here! The first quarter of this year has gone fast!
    Last weekend we were trading at the Hurstbridge show over the Easter. A big thanks to Lyndon and the members of the Yarra Valley MRC for a great weekend. Here we released our long awaited Oil Tank wagons (OT's) and also our Weedex Spray Van (HZ/WZ). Both these items along with our HO, OO and O scale 44 gallon drums are now available online. The OT's are $35ea or 4 for $125 and the HZ for $30 both include decals. The HO and OO drums are $1 for 6 and the O scale ones are 2 for $1.

    You will also notice the website's will under go a bit of a make over the following weeks with the online store set to be split in two. One page will be only wagons and other for our decals, drums and other bits and pieces.

    You many also be pleased to find that Buffer Stop in Preston now stock our wagons and others coming soon..

    29 March 2013

    New Release @ Easter

    Our OT Oil Tanks will be released this Easter long weekend at the Hurtsbridge Expo. They will retail for $35ea or 2 for $65, 3 for $95 and 4 for $125 for the weekend. They will be available from the website after the long weekend for $35ea for 4 for $125. The kit includes underframe, tank, feet, walkways, sign board, brass ladders and decals. A SEM GY Underframe kit will be needed brought in addition. The HZ 1 Weedex Spray Van will also be available this weekend for around $27 as well as our Sand wagon and HO 44 barrel drums.