14 May 2011

Have you seen our new website?

Go to http://www.vrcasts.com/ and check it out?

The website has a whole new look and layout (keeping in mind it is still a work in progress). There is an updated online store with all the new specials currently available. In the description of each product in the store it will tell you if you need any other additional items to complete the model. With the new changes came some sacrifices this includes the loss of the members side and page. We have transferred all members to our VIP emailing list. An email will be sent out to all those people.

Work has been progressing on the Pintsch Gas Q26 and 30 nicely left is a picture of the master for the tank. This product at this stage will be a four piece kit. The parts include tank, body of the cabin, roof on the cabin and the underframe. We are currently sourcing decals as well.

The follow is some back ground information on the wagons:

In 1878 two Q bogie flat wagons number 26 and 30 were built by Tozer in Melbourne. By 1903 Q 30 was modified at the Newport Workshops where it gained a Pintsch Gas tank with an engine as too did Q 26 in April 1910. These two wagons had the remains of very old passenger carriages installed over the engines and the front of the tanks to protect them from the weather. In the early 1970's both wagon came off register and are currently been preserved in non-operational condition by the ARHS at Newport. In 1982 they had their number swapped so Q 26 became Q30 (2nd) and Q 30 became Q 26 (2nd). The Pintsch Gas was used for the lighting of passenger cars and country stations.

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