27 January 2012

Whats the go for 2012?

This year our aim is to finish off some promised projects this includes:

  • Tank Wagons (these to be done first)
    • OT 77 (Tank master done, Etching and U/frame to source)
    • OT 78, 79, 80 (Tank master done, Etching and Unframe to source)
    • Q 26 & 3 (Dome on tank to be redone as it's off centre, Underframe close to complete as to the cab)
  • Weedex
    • HZ 1 (ex F) (Master Done)
    • WA 1 to 9 (Tank master done, working on underframe)
    • HW 1 & 2 (In planning phase)
  • Workman's Car
    • WM 1 (ex F) (In planning phase)
  • Decals for all wagons
We are also looking at the possibilites of the following if enough interest:
  • Departmental Van
    • HD Sand wagons (Hopper Master done)
    • HD 144 to 148 (ex F)
    • HD 61 & 62 (ex F)
    • OH 6 (ex F)
  • Goods Wagons
    • IT (Bulk Head Master done)
    • IS
If interested any of the above wagons your welcome to email us and let us know. We have receive numerous emails about the OT's, Q's and Weedex wagons.

I'll be hovering around Corio Expo this weekend on Sunday afternoon feel free to stop me and introduce ya self, say hello and ask any questions.

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