04 April 2012

NEW ITEM - Victorian Railways IT Scantling Timber Wagon

New Product Coming Soon - Victorian Railways IT 1-251, 253-273 Scantling Wagon In the early sixties just over 270 fifteen foot wheelbase I/IA wagons were modified to provide a special vehicle for scantling timber traffic. They were introduced due to a rise in housing development and the increased amount of timber traffic out of the Orbost region of East Gippsland Victoria . After a trail with one wagon the class IT was adopted.

The IT were loaded with scantling timber packed by sawmills in packs. Each pack consisted of various sawn timber which was stacked with all the ends together at one end. This results in load distribution problems. To deal with this problem the 273 IT's that had three distinct features:
  • Bulkhead at one end only (to support the stacked timber) 
  • Heavy springs, 10"x 5" journals and 3'2" diameter wheelset at the bulkhead end 
  • Standard springs and journals, wheelset diameters of 3'0" at the opposite (light) end
Even though they had a the appearance of uneven load, derailments were rare, with you more likely to have seen them in the shunting yard 'rearing up like horses' when hit roughly from the bulkhead (heavy) end during shunting.

IT 91 - Photo by Rob O'Regan from www.pjv101.net

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