27 August 2013

Post Caulfield - 27 Aug 13

The WX/WA 1-9 (VZVA 1-5,7,9) 'Weedex Spray Tank' is now available via our online store, phone and postal orders or ordering with our retailers. These kits retail for $40ea or $46 with disc wheel bogies. The kit includes Decals, the Tank, Under frame, Feet, brass Ladder and brass wire (.5 and 1mm). You will need to supply some styrene strips for tank strapping and walkways, Kadees, Ratchet style handbrake lever and shunters steps and paint to help complete this model.

We may have picked up another retailer east side of Melbourne, hopefully we will have more info soon.

Over the Caulfield Expo weekend just gone, we received a great response to our first O scale kit which was on display (OT 77, 78, 78 and 80). We are about 2 months away on the release of this wagon with just Buffers and Three link bits to finalise. We are currently writing up an finalised order form for those who have expressed their interest in this wagon. This form will help us tailor the kits to your preferred era of modelling and operating components.  Giving you the choice of COR or BP version  Number, disc or spoke wheels, wooden or mesh shunter steps, kadees or three link, buffered or not etc. The kit will be $160 to $180 depending on what components you pick.  Thanks to Matthew, Richard (Veteran), Bill and Sean (Bills Billboards) and Peter (O-Aust kits) for their continued help with this project since Easter. 

Those of you who were in attendance at the expo that dropped past for a chat/look it was nice to put faces to some names and emails. These lucky people might have seen the projects that we are working on next these being DW 225 - 234 in HO and TT 2-31/ BB 2-21/ HH 7-12 in HO and O. We will start to post the progress of these projects over the coming days/ weeks. 

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