01 February 2015


Is your interest VR 1:48? If yes then you maybe interested to know which projects VR Casts are next to be released.. These include the DW (ex RY version) for $165 ea and a RY conversion kit $35 ea to convert a Veteran GY kit to an RY. Time frame within one month. Followed by a H van and IB open wagon time frame Stawell Expo. TT/HH still a work in progress.

Received our first test print of the IB body and underframe today looks good to us. Bit of a clean up, undercoat and addition of rivet decals. The master should be ready to make a mold of. Whitemetal and brass parts we already have, just awaiting wheels, sprung buffer bits and decals and these will be right to go once instructions are finalised. We still have a number of OT's available in BP numbers 78,79.80 for any one interested please email us at vrcasts@gmail.com

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