19 January 2011

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Hello and Welcome to

VR Casts Blog Page

For those who haven't heard of us yet we specialise in manufacturing Victorian Railways HO scale kits and accessories from Late 1880's to 1960's. We aim to bring you 'the best of the rest', wagons that are yet to be produced by other model railway manufactures and that would otherwise need to be scratch built or kit bashed.

We started back in May 2010, since then we have released the following items:
  • Victorian Railways HD 27* built 1955
  • Victorian Railways HD 33* built 1956
  • Victorian Railways I/IB Wooden built from 1888 to 1903
  • Victorian Railways I/IG/IX 'Falling/drop Doors' built 1904
  • Victorian Railways FF 53 to 64/ F 25 to 36* built 1905

By May 2011 we should have released the following additional items:

  • Victorian Railways C 4 to 9/ J 1 to 6 built 1902/03
  • Victorian Railways F 11* built 1893
  • Victorian Railways DFDF 1 built 1901
  • Victorian Railways HZ 1/ WZ 1 built 1954
  • Victorian Railways OT 77* low dome built 1927
  • Victorian Railways OT 78 to 80* high dome built 1927

* indicates the products that are currently supplied with decals

All VR Casts products are casts from orgainals made and owned by David himself. All the above wagons are made from or will be made from polyurethane resin casts. Extra parts are needed to complete theses products such as brass detailing parts, underframes, bogies or couplers.

As we are part time business these products are only currently available direct from us via phone order, email order, via our website, at exhibition trade stands or special visits to clubs.

The forms of payment we except are the following:

  • Cheque - made out to David Shalders
  • Money Order
  • Paypal
  • Bank Deposit
  • Cash - only at expo stands and club visits

We are happy to accept any of above that is most easiest for you.

For more information contact David and Rachel
vrcasts@gmail.com or ph: 03 5565 7832 or 0422164747 ah
or PO Box 99 Koroit 3282

Rachel and David Shalders
VR Casts

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