25 January 2011

VC 03 Guard Van/ Horse Box Kit (DFdf) is currently SOLD OUT

Quick Update Well January has been an busy month for us, having said that We have sold our last DFdf in stock moments ago, the VR Casts: VC 03 - Guard Van/ Horse Box Kit (DFDF) is now currently SOLD OUT! BUT good news... A re-run should happen by MAY 2011, if decals arrive in time and the new mould is completed. The new mould will have the roof seperate to the body and the kit will include basic instructions and decals included this time. For those lucky ones that already have a DFdf decals will also be available seperatly for purchase. Estimated cost for kit $28 and decals $3.00. Still in Stock include the following: VC 02 b* - Horse Box Kit (FF/ F) current price $20 VC 05 a* - Departmental Van (HD 27) current price $10 VC 05 b* - Departmental Van (HD 33) current price $10 VC 06 a - Open Wagon (I/ IB) current price $10 VC 06 b - Open Wagon (I/ IG/ IX) current price $12 * indicates kits that are now supplied with decals. Extra decals for the HD's can be purchased for $2.00. Please note additional parts will be needed to complete these wagons such as brass detail part, couplers and underframes. Cheers Rach and Dave


  1. Got my package of kits this week and a big thankyou for the prompt service received from VR Casts. Keep making them so I can keep buying from you guys!

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